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Find Web Developers

Finding A Reliable Web Development Company

September 17th, 2018

Web development remains one of the integral parts of website promotions. Fundamentally speaking, the primary function of the development team is to evaluate a website created by the web designing team. The professionals are in charge of evaluating and re-scripting the website theme which has already been created by the designers. The evaluation part is mandatory; the re-scripting bit is done only when required.

What Is Web Development?

There are multiple programming styles incorporated while developing a website. Perl, XML, HTML and Flash are only some of these languages used. A web developer, in order to secure command in the web world, must have mastery over more than one of these languages. The entire evaluation process not only requires the developer to pay attention to the technical aspects of the website but also to bring his own style into the whole thing. There is an obvious call for certain amount of subjectivity.

The Importance Of Your “Website”

Since your website is the face of your business, you need to ensure that you are looking out for a good Website Development Company which will ensure that your website is actually ready to go live-after the designing glitches (if any) are done away with and the developer’s own style has been incorporated (of course, in keeping with the whole essence of the website).

Finding Reliable Developers

So, it is essential for you to ensure that you’re investing in a reliable developer after conducting proper research on their credentials. There is no dearth of professional web developers out there. However, in order to ensure that you are only investing in quality services, you have to resort to proper research. One of the immediate responsibilities would be to check out the website of the developer. What kind of work have they done with their website? Since your website acts as your major vehicle for driving traffic, the developer should take proper care to ensure that his audience is accessing a “proper” site (complete with information, easily navigable, can be opened as easily as on mobiles as on desktop). If the development company doesn’t have a proper website of its own, then it can clearly be gauged that it is driven by limited understanding of the impact that online marketing has on businesses. You would definitely not want to enter in to a commercial relation with such companies.

Who are the clients they have already worked with? Make sure you have a complete idea of “who” you are working with. Since web development is not all about technicality but a bit about subjectivity as well, you must have a look at the websites of the clients they have already worked with. It will help you judge their (the web developers’ sensibilities) as well.

What Makes a Web Development Company All Inclusive For Your Needs?

September 16th, 2018

If you’re starting a new business or taking your current business online, you may be thinking about hiring a web development company. There are a lot of different reasons why this is a good move. While it may seem like a budget item that could be reduced or even cut completely if you have someone on your team who has some experience making websites, the bottom line is that there’s no replacement for having a team of professional experts at your disposal. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should hire a web development company.

Reason #1: They have experience

Everyone at the company has worked on websites before, and they understand what elements a business website requires in order to make it successful. They understand concepts like search engine optimization and how to create an easy to navigate site that’s user-friendly. You don’t have to worry about learning things like web application development. The professionals at the company have also learned the best way to go about creating websites, so they will know just want you need and be able to create it quickly and efficiently. If you tried to do it yourself, you would probably make a number of basic mistakes that experienced web designers will not.

Reason #2: They have professionals for everything

A business that tries to create its own website without a strong IT department finds that they need more than a programmer. They also need a writer, a marketing expert, and a graphic designer. Web development takes all of these experts in addition to programmers and website experts to really make it shine. Any type of website Company, including an offshore web development company, will have these experts on staff to assist with creating your website.

Reason #3: They have the software needed to create any website you can ask for

If you were making your own website, you would need to invest in a number of different programs. Yes, you could use one of the free website design programs available online, but these programs are all very limited. Many don’t allow you to customize the templates they come with, while others don’t allow advanced scripts or other applications to be added to the site. A good website development program can be fairly expensive, as can programs like image editors. Often, website development companies have several different programs for the same thing, so if one program won’t do what you need, they can try another.

Hiring a web development company has a number of benefits. You don’t have to hire anyone to handle your website, nor do you have to try to do it yourself. Your site will look professional and will have all of the features you need it to, and it will work correctly. You won’t need to worry about security, either-web development companies know how to implement all of the latest security tricks to keep hackers from stealing your customers’ private information. If there ever is an issue with your website, most companies offer maintenance and upgrade services, too.

How Do I Find a Great Web Development Company?

September 14th, 2018

A company’s website is a critical part of an overall marketing plan. Choosing the right web company as your partner is equally critical and can greatly improve your return on investment (ROI). A good website can enhance revenue streams while conversely, a “not so good” website can actually drive traffic away from your business. As retail giant Wal-Mart experienced, online sales increased by over 30% to approximately $10 billion, accounting for nearly 8% of its $114 billion in quarterly sales.

So, while not every business can do $114 billion in quarterly sales, here’s a few things to keep in mind when making your selection.

To have a functional, successful website, the partner you choose should have several skillsets, which is rarely found in just one person.

Graphic Design

Art is subjective and normally, when someone looks at a website, they initially decide whether they like it or not. What’s important to realize is that while it is your website, the design needs to be appealing to a large audience that could potentially be your future customers. Make sure your web design partner understands your targeted demographic.


Do the companies on your short-list have a solid understanding of digital marketing? Do they know it well enough to structure the content, images and navigation? Remember: if it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter.

Coding & Development

When a development team looks at the design of the website, they obviously need to make it function. Professional developers have a ton of tools at their disposal and often times, a team has people with different “specialties” which could include a specialist that will make sure the website is crazy-quick.


Search engine optimization is a topic that a lot of people claim to know a lot about, but in reality, it’s a niche segment that plays a very important role in being successful online. Can the team handle both on-page as well as off-page SEO? A good rule of thumb: if they can’t do it for themselves, how can they do it for someone else?


You need to trust your development team. A reputable, professional web design & development team has ethics. They should be looking out for your best interests and help you do things right the first time. Ask about images. How do they acquire them? Are they properly licensed? Then, ask them for proof of licenses. Since it’s likely that you’ll be working with this team for a while, make sure they’re organized, make sure you know who your contact(s) is/are and you all get along. It really is a kind of “business marriage”.


If you can’t provide all of the original content for the site, you might need to have that content written. Some development companies don’t write content; they depend on the client to provide it. Ask your team if they have (or work with) a copywriter. If copyrighting is needed, is the cost included?

So, now that you know the major skillsets to look for, you might also consider the following:

– How are updates handled?

If you, or your staff wants to be able to make changes to the site, will the site be developed to accommodate that? If not, you’ll need to pay for future updates. It’s always nice to have both – the ability to make changes yourself, but also that “safety net” as a backup.

– Local or Non-Local

Does it matter to you whether your web development company is local? Theoretically it shouldn’t matter, but if you look at this as a relationship and not just a one-and-out, it might. Either way, your team should have a proven track record and a reasonable response time.

– Technical Stuff

You need to own your domain name. Make sure it’s registered the right way. If you’ve ever wondered whether you own it, do a quick check at You’ll see some technical stuff on the results page, but what you want to look at is the “Registrant” information – that’s who has full control of the domain.

OK, so we have an idea of the things to look for. Now, where do I find a good developer and how much is all of this going to cost?

First, ask around. Referrals are earned by offering awesome service. Ask colleagues, clients, vendors, other people in similar businesses. If that route ends up as a dead-end, check out search engines. Do simple search on “Web Design & Development (CITY)”. The results should give you a short introduction of a company. Start compiling your short-list.

When you’re talking or meeting with companies, it’s CRITICAL to make 100% sure that you’re describing and asking the same questions to everyone; compare apples to apples.

Ask about their design process. You’re looking for a company that has a structured, trackable, well-documented and systematic process.

You should expect them to be asking most of the questions; questions that relate to your business and your goals. Getting to know your business is the only way they can effectively create a plan, which in turn will create an effective website.

Look for a design portfolio. You’ll get a feel for how they design websites. Do they all look the same? If so, they probably use a template – move on. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions about specific designs. They should be able to provide insights as to how it benefits that client.

Do they have an in-house graphic designer? If not, do they work with only 1? Every graphic designer has their own “flavor” and working with more than 1 is always best.

Is initial on-page SEO included? It should be. Every page should have title tags, header tags, proper META information, good keyword density, “alt” tags on images and if anyone mentions the word “Flash”… move on.

Check reviews online, but if you can have a conversation with one of their current clients, that’s the best option. That way, you can get a true sense of satisfaction. Be sure to ask about responsiveness, professionalism and how smooth their project was. Were they completely satisfied and were promises kept?

Talk about post-launch. How is the site maintained? Some firms will charge a monthly fee whether you use them or not, others charge for the actual time spent doing actual work. If you’ll be making changes and run into something over your head, where does support end and billable time begin?

Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Can they meet yours? Is the deadline realistic? Most reputable design companies are on some type of “lead time”, where they’ll be able to begin your project XX days after you officially engage them. That’s a good thing. Try to avoid design companies that can start the project immediately. Good design & development firms are busy – at least steady. It’s like walking into an empty restaurant… if no one is eating there, chances are, it’s for good reason.

Let’s talk money.

Ask the companies to explain their fee structure and be sure to get an estimated project cost. Make sure that things are spelled out what’s going to be provided at what cost. You don’t want any surprises. Some companies work on a project basis, others work on an hourly basis. What’s the average hourly rate a reputable web company should charge? Great question, but a tough one to answer. Numbers are all over the board, but normally, you’ll find companies charging between $50 – $150 per hour.

Talk about a little thing known in the industry as “scope creep”. Web design & development projects very rarely go unchanged during development. How do they handle that? Change order / change fee? Make sure it’s understood.

Make sure you get and understand their billing process. Some want a percentage down and the rest upon completion. Other companies have variations on that, albeit milestone payments, timed payments or whatever. Make sure payment terms are completely understood and agreed upon.

There ya have it. Hopefully, this information will guide you on taking the first step to finding the perfect, reputable web design & development company for your project. Remember – you’re hiring them, they’re not hiring you. Remember your priorities and make sure they know them too. If things don’t feel “right” to you, move on.